Stars for Technical And Financial Support


Stars for Technical & Financial Support is an Egyptian Corporation as Limited Liability Company Founded in 2007. It Incorporates the Services Offered to Clients by Professional Team. STFS assists clients to formulate, finance and execute the development of Commercial, industrial public capital Development and investment projects.

- Services to Italian companies and investors:

Research of local manufacturing companies ready to produce under contract for Italian companies. 
Provision of services to Italian companies that are interested in outsourcing totally or partially their production in Egypt on their own or in joint venture with Egyptian investors and companies. 
In particular: the company can provide research of local financial and industrial partners, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, market research, 
legal, administrative, corporate and tax assistance, assistance in the use of local legislative and financial instruments; assistance in the development of industrial projects.

- Services to Egyptian investors and businesses:

Search for Italian products both as intermediaries and as importers.
Search for investment opportunities and assistance in development of investments in Egypt and in Italy. 
Research of financial, industrial and commercial partners.
Foreign and local market researches. 
Legal , administrative, corporate and tax assistance in Egypt and in Italy, 
Assistance in the use of local legislative and financial instruments,
Feasibility studies, assistance in the development of industrial projects.

- Financial services:

As trustees of a public fund and individual Arabs investors who have as their aim the acquisition of technology, we can assist serious Italian companies able to give appropriate guarantees, which are interested in the sale of their brand for the Arab markets and in transferring their technology to  mainly egypt and other Arab countries.


• Egypt • Saudi Arabia • Italy • Macedonia


- Tanneries; raw and finished leather work.

- Marbles work; manufacturers and sales channels.

- Railway services; service products and operators.

- Tourism projects; lands, hotels and contracting.

- Refurbished industrial equipment; whole factories and special equipment.

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