About The Group

Stars Group History and development:

Stars group started by Dr.Nagy Albert in 1992, a small commercial company for trading, specialized in food and beverage imported equipment.

Some years late was the start of Stars factory in 6th of October industrial city. Managed and directed by Eng. Dany Nagy (current company C.E.O) A sheet metal processing  factory that manufactures cold, hot and neutral food and beverage equipment for industrial and commercial projects (Hotels, Hospital, Restaurants…etc),working mainly with stainless steel.

Head office Responsible for all commercial duties; sales, marketing, show room also supported by engineering departments, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for equipment in different projects and is managed by Eng .Hany Albert (C.O.O) of the group.

Stars become I.S.O certified for maintaining high manufacturing process techniques and its quality products.

For the past 10 years stars became one of the leading companies in the field of hygienic professional industrial kitchens .

Throughout the company's network, successful projects and efforts of founder (Dr.Nagy Albert), the group added a new company (STFS) Stars for technical and financial support in 2007.

Eng. Hesham  Behairy (group consultant)  through his knowledge and experience  in touristic and pre-owned industrial projects, is responsible for commercial part of (STFS) introducing, facilitating and supporting companies  moving from Italy to Egypt and supporting companies exporting or importing goods and services from Italy to Egypt and vice verse through technical and Financial services .

Now stars group holds several names of Italian companies and is responsible for the distribution of their products in the Egyptian market. 

Stars group vision:

We believe in slow steady steps to reach our goals, No matter how tough and complicated a job could get,

we believe this is how companies build their names.

Efforts and hours spent at the company, factory or even at sites ,push us in stars to make our company as home we don’t have much instructions and rules they are responsibilities and commitments, we work with government facilities, educational, oil & gas, tourism, Hospitals and much more other diversified sectors  and this add more to our knowledge and experience in different fields every day applying our services and products for every new client increase our knowledge , experience and more important ,adds trust for more clients to depend on us

Group board:

Dr. Nagy Albert

Doctor of pharmacy post graduate and masters degree studies from (Chelsea University).

was a member of (Egyptian Romanian business association ), (Egyptian business association ) and

(the American chamber)

     Was the head of (industrial committee in Canada – Egypt business council), (industrial modernization) in the Egyptian union of investor association),(Industrial committee in French Chamber of commerce)

     and (Steering committee in productivity and quality improvement center).

     Was a counselor of international relations in EOS (Egyptian organization for standardization & quality).

        Co founder of (Stars Group).

Eng .Dany Nagy

      (Current stars group C.E.O  mechanical engineering graduate (Ain Shams University

Started as a factory engineer and worked his way to reach the position of factory manager

Developed new manufacturing methods to stars factory introduced new machinery,

(C.N.C beading machine), (C.N.C cutting machine) , (C.N.C punching press machine)

  Supported the company to earn (ISO 9001) for high standard of manufacturing processes become company C.E.O in 2013 following Dr.Nagy footsteps

Eng. Hany Albert

Mechanical engineering graduate (American university in Cairo)

        .(Cofounder and CEO for (Alberto café) trading company coffee products (2004-2007

        .(Partner and C.O.O at (Piaggio Egypt ) motorcycles trading company (2010-2013

       .(Partner and C.O.O at (Eight fitness club) luxury fitness club (2013-current

       .(C.O.O at (Stars group) industrial food &beverage equipment (2007-current

Eng. Hesham Behairy

        Architect engineer Cairo university with more than 20 years of experience in architecture and construction field

        Deputy Chairman at (Red sea tours) Touristic projects owning and managing company.

        .(Executive manager for (city building contracting

        .Egypt business council member

         .Stars group consultant & share holder












Dr. Nagy Albert

ng. Dany Albert
Hany Albert

Eng. Hesham Behairy